"Sju sorters kakor" goes Comic Juju

August 26, 2022

I’m back! 🇸🇪 I have to recharge the swedish half of me at least once a year for several weeks. Still - its not enough!
I drew this hunched over on the stoop of the porch of my parents summer cabin in the north, with the kids whirlwinding around me. The illustration is part of a riso-printed zine realised by @comic.juju and the prints will be displayed in Stuttgarter Rathaus from this sunday on. My drawing shows “sju sorters kakor” - an old swedish tradition of serving seven different (home-baked) cookies to guests.

I remember that we had to visit my fathers aunts and uncles and cousins each time we came up to Sweden. The adults drank coffee and chatted and we kids ate us through the cake collection. There are special terms for all of these things in the swedish language. To name a few: kakfat (a cookie plate - or etagère, though I can't remember anyone in my family had one), småkakor (these special cookies), kaffebröd (doughy baked goods to serve with a coffeee, e.g. a cardamom or cinnamon bun). One of my favourite memories is how we watched Allan drink "kaffe på fat" (coffee from a saucer) with a sugar cube in his mouth. He was faster Karins husband, she baked fantastic and I could never understand how the grown-ups complained about the amount of cookies that were presented. Of course you had to try one of each and give them some "beröm" compliments.

Here is a secret sneak preview of the riso print. I'm really curious how it will turn out, as it is my first ever riso. It will be published in the ComicJuju Zine "Schlaraffenland" and be on display in the Rathaus Stuttgart from sunday, the 28th august until mid-september (Comictage Stuttgart).